Happy Birthday!

Apom59’s birthday was 2 days ago (I know kind of late I forgot)

camp some of you know…

computer problems too…




Winning Shirt

The winning shirt was The Splatter!!!

Party Coming Soon!

yo Apom here we finally reached the goal 2,000 hits! I’m so exited because we are having a party!!! I will try to make it so people in United Kingdom.California,Canada/New Jersey/New York/etc. ….. I made a party banner check it out!
2000 hits
Place: My Igloo on map & Chat

club penguin furniture glitch!!

quick it ends soon!!!
go to the new sports catalog
get the tube
now buy it
It should say “This Item Is Currently Not Available”
item not

Rockhopper is coming back!

Hello everybody Rh is coming back to CP and his ship look like a jungle or something anyways
heres a pic i took and zoomed in on
cp rh ship
go to

Im in this video

look im in the middle of Snobossi’s party video!!!

Pin and Tobbogan thing

Apom posting im giving the location for the new pin its at the dojo courtyard
also the toboggan is in the new catalog at the ski hill
And this is what it looks like when you put it on in a sled race and you hear the new music in sled race!!!