New Club Penguin Times

There is a new news paper on Club Penguin!

If the picture does not load properly then it is not my fault Word Press has had a glitch lately

cpt news

As you can see the volcano has been tamed with the amulet!



Ninja Shadows back

A lot of the ninja shadows that disappeared are now back!

ninjas back

Theres also a note next to the ninjas shadow in the mirror.

a note

I do not know what it is.


Party Cheats

Hey guys here are the party cheats!
here is the non member item in the plaza!
and the scavenger hunt cheats!
This is the snowforts

this is the pool


The one and only cove!


Click here by the ice berg and you’ll get the whale!


And go to the dock and get the turtle dude!


Not much left… go to the beach and in the corner click the bubbles and you will soon have the jelly fish!


2nd last go to the plaza and click the flower thingys in the corner


finally you go to the forest and click the pinkish flowers on the tree


And then you recieve your backround

bg plant

In other news: My parents almost got killed,ill post the member item when Apom gets unbanned at 7:00 EST,ill be on xat,pin C was decided!

Thats all today!


club penguin furniture glitch!!

quick it ends soon!!!
go to the new sports catalog
get the tube
now buy it
It should say “This Item Is Currently Not Available”
item not

2 old cp photos


Cp glitch/lie

•Clubpenguin Lies. Type moderator (with a space after it) and type any password you want…
•Look at these pictures!
•This should pop up
Now go to the Create a Account type Moderator (remember with a space)
type mod
it will come up with a suggestion like this
Creep eh?


Hey guys many of you know the beta tester Greenday and he told Cp to delete his user Greenday so he wouldnt get hacked since he quit… But I think he is back!!! theres a beta named 0pi123 if you know him you might see penguins calling him Greenday so I guess Greenday is back!