Club Penguin EPF Herbert’s Revenge Spoiler!

Hi Penguins, I have pictures from GameStop of the Club Penguin EPF Herbert’s Revenge Spoiler!

May 22nd Blog Image.jpg

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

I find them interesting! CREDIT TO

~Apom59~ TCPCC Admin


New Sleds!

At the Ski Hill if you go to the catalog there are 2 new sleds!!!



November Catalog Cheats and Pin

Hey its Apom 😉
Here the new catalog cheats oh and the new background!
nov guide
The pin is at the Ski Hill! Its a sled.
sled pin

New Club Penguin Times

There is a new news paper on Club Penguin!

If the picture does not load properly then it is not my fault Word Press has had a glitch lately

cpt news

As you can see the volcano has been tamed with the amulet!


Ninja Shadows back

A lot of the ninja shadows that disappeared are now back!

ninjas back

Theres also a note next to the ninjas shadow in the mirror.

a note

I do not know what it is.


New mission spoiler?


Hello Agents!

We know it’s been a long time since you’ve had a new Mission and we’ve heard from a lot of you that you want one! We haven’t forgotten about you guys – and we really want to say thanks for being so patient.

PSA – Some of you are wondering what’s keeping Herbert P. Bear occupied these days and what he’s got in store for the Penguin Secret Agency. I don’t want to give much away right now, but we do want you to know that the team’s working on something big. For now, keep up the things you’re doing to keep the island safe, and I’ll keep you in the loop when I’ve got more info.

Picture 8.png

For EPF agents, if you’re looking for a challenge, starting on Friday, November 6 make sure to check out the first Wifi downloadable mission “The Puffle Pranksters” for the original Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game for Nintendo DS. To download it onto your DS, just select Upload/Download from the Main Menu and follow the instructions. It’ll be the first time you see the white puffle on your DS – and it might even give you a few hints of things to come…


Until then… Keep the island safe and waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team


By Billybob on November 01 2009 06:17|


Well sounds like I will have a new mission to do on my EPF game!  I did everything on it so far except get the golden medal on Snow Trekker!

Heres a poll!


New Party hat and cheats

Heres the guide

1. Go in the Coffee Shop

4th town

2. Click the pinata 2 times


3. walk to the party hat then pick it up!!!

Here is a pic of the town
4th anvsry