All Players 30+ EPF!

You can now become an EPF without a DS game!

1. Go to the sports shop. (Now Telephone Booth)
2. Answer the phone.
3. Throw a snow ball at the target.
4. Walk to the Green Square then run to the Red Square

5.  Throw a snow ball at the camera and go under it.

6.  Now go in the elevator!

You will now get your EPF pad



This isn’t good

Someone deleted the pages.

I don’t think we can get them back.


Club Penguin EPF Herbert’s Revenge Spoiler!

Hi Penguins, I have pictures from GameStop of the Club Penguin EPF Herbert’s Revenge Spoiler!

May 22nd Blog Image.jpg

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

ScreenShot Image

I find them interesting! CREDIT TO

~Apom59~ TCPCC Admin


I haven’t quit!

I haven’t posting for many reasons like making CPMVs

sorry about that…

Any way theres a new News Paper of CP Times out today

~Apom59 😉

Happy Easter!

Hi penguins!



April Fool Cheats

Hi Penguins

New Party – Club Penguin April Fools ‘010 (2010)

Items – Red Propeller Hat – Dock, April Fools Hat – Party Room


Puffle Rescue Staying!

Hi Penguins! Apom59 here 🙂
The new puffle rescue has come to Club Penguin! Check out the mine now!

The mission has many levels,

When you start it, there are many threats to face.
Here is level 1 pictures


Level 3

Level 4

Level 5 and above are pretty much the same things as before, but a little bit harder!