Hi penguins! Here are the pics of the new party:

PokeParty The green propeller cap is in the plaza!

PokeParty2 The Jet Pack is on the tallest mountain after the balloon ride!

PokeParty3 The sandcastle pin is at the mine!

PokeParty4 I like the Beach cuz its right on the edge of the island in the sky.

PokeParty5 You can still play hydro hopper also!!                     __Pokemaniac19__

About pokemaniac19
Im 12 years old and I love to hack cp and rule with my zombie army! Anyway I like to play golf and soccer. I prank call my friends by blocking my number. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. My favorite band is Linkin Park. My favorite songs are In the End and New Divide by Linkin Park, and Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce. If u got any questions send me an email.

4 Responses to BLAST OFF!!! ITS PARTY TIME!!!!

  1. shadow8196 says:

    Your site rocks!!!

    Would you please add my site to your blog roll?

  2. thesource00 says:

    apom u back!!! Get ready to show up to this season Begins tommorrow!!!!

  3. Apom59 says:


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