New catalog!

Hey its Apom posting the new catalog!

Now aqua is in the catalog its on the front page

Aqua Color

As you voted last month most of you knew the Splatter won!


1. If you go on to the page with the piano click it 1 time to get the viking helmet click it 4 times to get the blue viking helmet



2. Click Penguins on the Penguins at work sign for the crystal staff.


3.For the canteen click the shell.


4. Click the window for the woodman’s hat


5.Click the Dragon’s shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume


Thats all the catalog cheats but here are the new backgrounds!




About Apom59
I go on Club Penguin almost everyday.My favorite servers are:Frozen , Tundra , Mammoth ,and but mostly Frozen I'm in a lot of armies in cp like BB and DC

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