3000 hits PARTY!!

Hi its Dipstick99, I’m having a 3000 hits party for my Club Penguin Paloza blog, if you want to see it go here. So here is the inviatation:

Where: Crunch, Dipstick99’s igloo

When: Friday, June 3rd, 12:35 PST

Why: Me and Treekeo99 have 3000 hits on our blog

VIPs (That I hope can make it): Me, Treekeo99, Apom59, Accessory, Flurry87, 412mark412, Iceman 68125,  Mister Boo1 and who ever works on this blog or CPP.

NOTE: I will record the party and post it on youtube with HyperCam 2.

~Dipstick99 8)


3 Responses to 3000 hits PARTY!!

  1. thesource00 says:

    Hey Contestant of Club Penguin Total Drama Action. Remember Today at 5:00 pm pst time on Iceland at the Snow Forts is the 3rd Challenge! Help your team out and show up and there is a new rule!! 4 STRIKES INSTEAD OF 3 AND YOURE OUT! Communicate on the Club Penguin Total Drama Action Chat

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