Coin code contest

I MIGHT be having a Series 2 coin code contest


About Apom59
I go on Club Penguin almost everyday.My favorite servers are:Frozen , Tundra , Mammoth ,and but mostly Frozen I'm in a lot of armies in cp like BB and DC

2 Responses to Coin code contest

  1. jitsu ninja says:

    1) Michael Stiffler
    2) ya apom is more than awsome!!
    3) i never had one and my
    penguin is like really old
    5) octber 24 2005 i think…

  2. jitsu ninja says:

    1)michael stiffler
    2)Yes hes more than awsome
    3)i never had any and i been on cp for about 3 years
    5)october 24 2005

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