A Auto Talker

Hey guys check it out a guy was using Auto Talk on Penguin Storm 4.1 today at Frozen Dock around 5:30 I also met Ojoc ❗

Tell me what you think!!!! -Apom :mrgreen:

About Apom59
I go on Club Penguin almost everyday.My favorite servers are:Frozen , Tundra , Mammoth ,and but mostly Frozen I'm in a lot of armies in cp like BB and DC

7 Responses to A Auto Talker

  1. snowy1900 says:


    Thanks `_Pecheee_` really Apom

  2. pecheee21 says:

    i dont like auto talker pic cause it has
    coolest in it:@.your wondering why i gave the mad face arent you?its cause coolest banned me from pups hangout chat.now i hate pup and coolest causse i got unbanned then coolest told pup to ban me.thats why i dont like this pic:@.

    haha funny :mrgreen::D

  3. puchi 4343 says:

    well one thing is i went on CP and this person went ”””””””””’ so i said HOW DO YOU DO THAT! so then he said CP storm auto talker so i jsut searched it and now i came to ask you how do you use auto talker on CP? if you dont know … why did you post it?! lol lmao.

    • Apom59 says:

      To Puchi 4343: go to http://cpcheats.info and download his latest penguin storm wich is a cool clubpenguin cheating program. You go to bots then click auto talker u can say anything with it but swears and some weird letters from charmap…. so just type “””’ on the auto talker input box! ~Apom59

  4. Puchi4343 says:

    THANKS APOM59!!!!! yoru the best becasue when i asked they said auto talker and i said how do you do that , they said auto talker! so i said how it doesnt work so thanks Apom.

  5. KILO5 says:

    were is billybob please tell me

  6. KILO5 says:

    im tired of finding famause people on club penguin ill rawned it and im a secret agent

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