April fools

hey Apom in the wordpress CHECK IT OUT YOUR SHOE IS UN-TIED anyways check out cp (sorry i havent been posting often)also please check the news page theres sneak peeks and more cool stuff okay heres some pics
portalbox 1. Go to the Snow Forts 2. you must be a member!!!and go into the box store. 3.buy the portal box go to your igloo take it out of storage and stop editing your igloo walk in to the box you should be here!
also heres a catch if you have penguin storm 4 then go to join via name type party2 and it will bring you to
the portal room it works for non members credit to Ojoc for finding that!!! -Apom

About Apom59
I go on Club Penguin almost everyday.My favorite servers are:Frozen , Tundra , Mammoth ,and but mostly Frozen I'm in a lot of armies in cp like BB and DC

2 Responses to April fools

  1. sliperslidin says:

    Hey, didn’t you work on my site? I know i didnt delete you… what happened?

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