500 hit party

Hey guys Apom posting about the 500 hits party!!!!!!


Also tell me if your coming in comments or the poll below…


About Apom59
I go on Club Penguin almost everyday.My favorite servers are:Frozen , Tundra , Mammoth ,and but mostly Frozen I'm in a lot of armies in cp like BB and DC

6 Responses to 500 hit party

  1. Salty says:

    Hey, I am Salty!

    You have a great site here it has changed a lot in style, hits and class !

    I am very impresses of your work and will make this another one of my stops for Club Penguin Cheats ! 😀

    If you don’t mind would you mind coming to my site and leaving a comment back? I would greatly appreciate it! 😉




  2. snowy1900 says:

    nice post!

    Feel free to comment Back!


  3. Jashra says:

    hey y did u want me to go to ur website??

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