Hey Apom here im just posting about rocketsnail I got some info about how to get on it but it doesn’t load also on 1 of the archives there was something you could make things like cp with called flash player former “Cheaters” use it to make cp trainers and things like that

Then type it will bring you to all of rocketsnail’s archives I got a few old cp sites

you can click the N on nightclub to see a ninja on this but you can be one now so who cares

-Apom Rocketsnail


About Apom59
I go on Club Penguin almost everyday.My favorite servers are:Frozen , Tundra , Mammoth ,and but mostly Frozen I'm in a lot of armies in cp like BB and DC

2 Responses to Rocketsnail

  1. Wacky Flip8 says:

    Idk what you meant on Pup’s site but…I’m guessing that I was supposed to ask to be an author again on Pup’s site.

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