I can’t post anymore until the hacker the problem is done. But whenever i can i’ll post the persons name is on my moms email.


10 Responses to sorry

  1. Pringleprint says:

    Hes lying and sorry i couldnt post

  2. kenny76 says:

    i am not his name is something like wattsky my mom i got an email from cp

  3. kenny76 says:

    2 of their email is wattsky and the other isdivyansh21_ can’t show other half

  4. Pringleprint says:

    You guys he lying wattsky is like wattskyle witch is coolest’s email and the other one i dont know but hes making it all up!

  5. coolest991 says:

    guys somone else used my email to hack it to fake it was me. Im sooo sorry kenny and Ill make sure it doestnt happen again, sorry. 😥

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